Welcome to our Year 4 and 5 class in Room 12.

We are thrilled and delighted with the class structure and environment for teaching our talented students.  We will provide an eclectic and flexible approach that will cater for individual learning styles and needs.

We will create a positive, supportive, friendly and stimulating environment.  This is promoted through a safe and dynamic learning environment which celebrates student achievement.

We believe in two philosophies when it comes to education:

  • ‘Life-long learning.’
  • ‘It is in the struggle towards understanding that understanding takes place.’

We will endeavour to encourage and foster an environment which values and respects students, promotes high levels of achievement and the pursuit of excellence and encourages a commitment to learning as a life-long goal.  Through positive experiences and working collaboratively, students will develop healthy attitudes towards themselves and others.

We believe in our school vision; “Inspiring young minds, creating possibilities”. We will strive to develop in each student a positive self-concept, to be respectful and confident and to take on life’s challenges. We also believe that our students will become successful lifelong learners.

We will foster individual styles of learning, considering each child’s intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs. Our goal is to focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills with much use made of intentional and explicit teaching. We will ensure students are provided with the best possible learning opportunities through hands-on learning experiences.

The students will be involved in specialist lessons in:

  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Languages Other Than English
  • Visual Art

Room 12 is a combined Year 4 and Year 5 class.

Year 4 is taught in three rooms:

Year 5 is taught in three rooms:


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