The focus for teaching and learning in Year 5 at NPPS is based on the “Five Keys to Success” from the You Can Do It program. This helps to develop confident and enthusiastic learners, who can call on a range of strategies to be resilient and organised learners, who get along with others.

Independence is also a major focus for the Year 5 students. Development of these skills provides them with the belief that they are competent and capable of taking care of themselves. This also allows them to think independently, consider options and become good decision makers.

During Semester 2, each student prepares an application for the leadership roles that will be available to them in Year 6. They can apply to be School Councillors, Factions Captains or members of the Sustainability Committee. This is a vehicle for them to express their opinions and participate actively in school decision making. It is encouraging to see that these positions are always highly sought after!

North-Perth-Primary-School-034Year 5 is the year when all students begin to develop their public speaking skills. They take part in Level 1 debating sessions each week for a term, run by a representative from GOZONE debating. At the end of Term 2, families and friends attend “Debate Night” to watch their children demonstrate these skills. Several students are then selected to represent NPPS at the Speak-Up Awards. These experiences teach the students the power of words and help build their confidence to prepare them for the future.


Room 12

This is a Year 4/5 class taught by Ms V Covban & Ms R Armstrong.

Room 13

This is a Year 5 class taught by Mrs E Chin.

Room 14

This is a Year 5/6 class taught by Miss R Newman.

  • Rikki Armstrong
    Rikki Armstrong Class Teacher
  • Emma Chin
    Emma Chin Class Teacher
  • Robyn Newman
    Robyn Newman Class Teacher
  • Vic Covban
    Vic Covban Class Teacher

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