Welcome to the Senior School Year 4.

We look forward to educating your child and seeing them grow, discover and prepare themselves for the future. In our classes we will provide a balanced education that addresses academic, social, physical and emotional development of each student

We will participate in collaborative activities with thought and consideration for all, care for and respect others, display courtesy, play co-operatively and be responsible for their own relationships.
We will develop skills that allow our students to apply independent thinking strategies and communication.

North-Perth-Primary-School-025We will encourage each child to manage their level of effort and take steps to foster their own learning. They will be made aware of the need to reflect on their learning, monitor their own progress and ask questions to develop skills and interest.

The consolidation of key literacy and numeracy skills will allow our students to explore concepts in greater depth and begin to apply these to a variety of real life situations.


Room 12

This is a Year 4/5 class taught by Ms V Covban & Ms R Armstrong

Room 19

This is a Year 4 class taught by Ms M Mezzatesta.

Room 22

This is a Year 3/4 class taught by Mrs C O’Riordan.

  • Chelsea O’Riordan
    Chelsea O’Riordan Class Teacher
  • Melissa Mezzatesta
    Melissa Mezzatesta Class Teacher
  • Rikki Armstrong
    Rikki Armstrong Class Teacher
  • Vic Covban
    Vic Covban Class Teacher

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