In Year 3, the students are expected to develop greater responsibility and leadership within the school community. They are encouraged to improve their self-management skills, including following routines and preparing themselves for daily activities.

The students in Year 3, whilst spending time consolidating their knowledge, skills and understandings developed in Junior Primary, are also introduced to more abstract concepts and complex skills.

The students are encouraged to further develop their individual learning styles as they become more aware of themselves and their strengths as learners.

undercroftIn Year 3, the children work to enhance their ability to complete tasks independently. They also spend time working collaboratively to improve their cooperative skills. Throughout the year, the children have opportunities to work with their peers across Year 3 classes to further develop their interpersonal skills.


Room 1

This is a Year 3 class taught by Ms S Thomason.

Room 4

This is a Year 3 class taught by Mrs K Robinson & Mr P McFarland

Room 6

This is a Year 2/3 class taught by Julie Fort.

Room 22

This is a Year 3/4 class taught by Mrs C O’Riordan.

  • Chelsea O’Riordan
    Chelsea O’Riordan Class Teacher
  • Kym Robinson
    Kym Robinson Class Teacher
  • Paul McFarland
    Paul McFarland Class Teacher
  • Sarah Thomason
    Sarah Thomason Class Teacher
  • Julie Fort
    Julie Fort Class Teacher

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