The Middle Years are those when we build on the foundations laid in Early Childhood, and start gradually preparing students for a more independent life at school, which will cluminate in a transition from Primary to Secondary School.

In Year 3, the students are expected to develop greater responsibility and leadership within the school community. They are encouraged to improve their self-management skills, including following routines and preparing themselves for daily activities.

In Year 4 we look forward to educating your child and seeing them grow, discover and prepare themselves for the future. In our classes we will provide a balanced education that addresses academic, social, physical and emotional development of each student.

The focus for teaching and learning in Year 5 at NPPS is based on the “Five Keys to Success” from the You Can Do It program. This helps to develop confident and enthusiastic learners, who can call on a range of strategies to be resilient and organised learners, who get along with others.

Year 6 is an exciting and challenging year. The Year 6’s are now the leaders of the school and, as such, are offered many leadership opportunities. These include positions on the Sustainability Committee, Faction Captains and School Councillors.

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