Our Year 2 classes aim to provide a safe, fun and inclusive learning environment that focuses and extends the learning opportunities for all students.

We achieve this by catering for the different learning styles, abilities and interests of all students on an individual and whole group learning framework.

These experiences will provide a wide range of different learning opportunities throughout the curriculum learning areas. Integration of classes and collaboration with teachers and parents is encouraged to help support and maintain consistency in learning throughout the year.

We recognise that students have come from diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences and by building on their current interests and abilities we are able to provide meaningful, interesting and challenging opportunities for the students to learn and grow.


Room 2

This is a Year 2 class taught by Sasha Dunn.

Room 5

This is a Year 2 class taught by Charlotte Walker.

Room 6

This is a Year 2/3 class taught by Julie Fort.

  • Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith Class Teacher
  • Charlotte Walker
    Charlotte Walker Class Teacher
  • Sasha Dunn
    Sasha Dunn Class Teacher
  • Julie Fort
    Julie Fort Class Teacher

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