This year, at North Perth Primary School, we have approximately 60 Pre-primary children, spread across three classrooms. Our Pre-primary classes are staffed by an early childhood teacher and an Education Assistant. Pre-primary is the first full time, compulsory year of schooling for children in Western Australia.

During the Early Phase of learning, we provide a program focusing on the children’s social-emotional, physical and cognitive development. This includes a comprehensive literacy and numeracy program to develop core knowledge, understandings and skills. In the early learning environment, children experience a balanced curriculum. On a daily basis, the children are exposed to teacher led learning opportunities, child initiated play and learning experiences, and explicit teaching at a whole class, small group or individual level.

We foster creativity, resiliency, inquiry and curiosity in a safe and supportive learning environment. We aim to develop a foundation for future success in learning and life. We want the first year of schooling to be joyful and enriching for all students and their families.


Room 16

This is a Kindy/Pre-Primary class taught by Ms McNamara

Room 20

This is a Pre-primary class taught by Ms A Smith & Mrs C Smith

Room 21

This is a Pre-primary class taught by Ms C Miffling & Ms S Wandby


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