Administration Staff
Kindergarten Class Teachers
Pre-primary Class teachers
Year 1 Class Teachers
  • Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith Class Teacher
  • Michael Egan
    Michael Egan Class Teacher
  • Suzy Minson
    Suzy Minson Class Teacher
Year 2 Class Teachers
  • Charlotte Walker
    Charlotte Walker Class Teacher
  • Sasha Dunn
    Sasha Dunn Class Teacher
  • Julie Fort
    Julie Fort Class Teacher
Year 3 Class Teachers
  • Chelsea Gillam
    Chelsea Gillam Class Teacher
  • Robyn Newman
    Robyn Newman Class Teacher
Year 4 Class Teachers
  • Paul McFarland
    Paul McFarland Class Teacher
  • Ann Righton
    Ann Righton Class Teacher
  • Vic Covban
    Vic Covban Class Teacher
Year 5 Class Teachers
  • Emma Chin
    Emma Chin Class Teacher
  • Brian Hounsell
    Brian Hounsell Class Teacher
Year 6 Class Teachers
  • Brian Hounsell
    Brian Hounsell Class Teacher
  • Mary Knee
    Mary Knee Class Teacher
Specialist Teachers
Education Assistants
  • Gillian Layton
    Gillian Layton Education Assistant
  • Usha Rajput
    Usha Rajput Education Assistant
  • Suzana Conda
    Suzana Conda Education Assistant
  • Kerry Russell
    Kerry Russell Education Assistant
  • Cristina Scott
    Cristina Scott Education Assistant
  • Cindy Spight
    Cindy Spight Education Assistant
  • Kath White
    Kath White Education Assistant
  • Denise Koch
    Denise Koch Education Assistant
Support Staff
  • Somayeh Mirzaei
    Somayeh Mirzaei Cleaner in Charge
  • Amir Rahimi
    Amir Rahimi Cleaner
  • Tanja Coso
    Tanja Coso Cleaner
  • Ray McGlade
    Ray McGlade Gardener

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