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Book Swap Tuesday 22 August – School Hall

Do you have a book (or two) on your bookshelf that you are ready to hand on to another child? Head to the school hall on Tuesday 22nd August from 8.00am in the morning and again at 3.00pm. Bring story books in good condition that are no longer required at home (maximum of three) to swap for another – you can exchange as many books as you bring.  We advise swapping books suitable for the same age as your child. It’s a great way to dust off much loved books pass them on to a new home for another child to enjoy.

Book Week Costume Day Wednesday 23 August

This year’s Children’s Book Week theme is ‘Escape to Everywhere’. Has a book taken you on an escape somewhere – for example to a school for witches and wizard, to a magical kingdom, up a ridiculous treehouse or on a secret spy mission? Show off your creativity on Wednesday 23rd of August by dressing up as a favourite book character. There will be a chance for other students (and teachers!) to admire your costumes at school assembly on Wednesday morning.

Scholastic Book Fair Thursday 24 and Friday 25 August – School Hall

Get out of the rain and cold before and after school on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th August and come along to the Scholastic Book Fair. The Very Cranky Bear is looking for a quiet place to rest, but the School Hall will be roaring between 8.00am to 8.45am in the mornings and from 3.00pm in the afternoons!

This is a P&C fundraising event for the students of North Perth Primary School, which encourages a love of reading and supports our library to purchase new books and resources.

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