The School Board is made up of three parent representatives, three community representatives and four staff representatives, including the principal. It is a decision-making body required and regulated by the School Education Act 1999, the School Education Regulations 2000 and the NPPS School Council Terms of Reference. For further information…

What is the School Board

The School Board plays an important role within the school, taking part in establishing and reviewing the school’s priorities and general policy directions. The Board works with the school to strengthen its capacity to best meet the needs of students. The Board comprises school staff, parents and community representatives.

What does the School Board do?

The School Board’s functions include:

  • taking part in establishing and reviewing the school’s priorities and general policy directions;
  • taking part in planning the financial arrangements necessary to fund the school’s priorities and general policy directions;
  • taking part in the evaluation of the school’s performance in achieving its priorities;
  • approving certain charges and contributions and advertising and sponsorship agreements;
  • determining the school’s dress code in consultation with students, staff and parents;
  • providing advice to the principal on religious education and related activities; and
  • promoting the school in the community.

Can I bring a matter to the School Board’s attention?

Yes! Board members welcome your input and feedback and represent the interests of their community. Board members can only deal with matters falling within the Board’s ambit and do not interfere with the management of the school or performance concerns relating to a teacher. Board members respect the need for confidentiality and endeavour to protect the privacy of individuals when matters are brought for discussion.

If you would like to speak to any of the Board members please contact them directly. If you are unsure whether a matter should be raised with the School Board please contact the Chair or Principal.

If you are interested in volunteering or raising funds for the school, please contact the North Perth Primary School Parents and Citizens’ (P & C) Association, as they deal with all such matters:


The School Board usually meets twice per term on Monday evenings from 5:00pm – 6:30pm. Unless otherwise advised, meetings are open to the public. Persons other than Board members do not have speaking or voting rights. All persons present at the meeting must adhere to the North Perth Primary School Board Code of Conduct. Meeting agendas and minutes can be found within the School Board folder of the NPPS Parent Connect library. Alternatively, minutes can be obtained by emailing the Board Secretary at

2018 Meeting Dates

Term 2

Monday 21 May

Monday 18 June

Term 3

Monday 23 July

Monday 27 August

Term 4

Monday 15 October (Annual Public Meeting)

Monday 19 November

School Board Members

Anna Taylor (Chair)
Parent Representative

Email Anna

I have been a member of the North Perth community since 2015. My husband and I have two children attending the school, Isla and Preston. Since joining the school community I have been inspired by all the people I have met who help to make the school a happy place for learning.

I joined the School Board in 2016 as a Parent Representative. Serving on the School Board is a privileged opportunity for me make a meaningful contribution to the school and ultimately support the school to achieve better outcomes for students.

I work in public education as a Speech Pathologist and have extensive experience in providing professional support to schools to improve learning outcomes for students. I bring to the Board specialist knowledge in oral language and literacy development, and evidenced-based practice in education. 

Kati Tonkin
Community Representative

Email Kati

I have been part of the North Perth community since 2002 and have been a member of our school community since my eldest child Emma began kindy in 2010. She and her brother Toby have thrived in the stimulating and nurturing environment North Perth Primary School provides.

I joined the School Board in September 2012. In 2014 I enjoyed the process of working with staff, parents and students to develop a new vision, mission and values for our school. In 2016 we were successful in our bid to become an Independent Public School (IPS), and we are grateful to the school community for its support throughout this process.

I am a senior lecturer at UWA and bring to the School Board my experience in teaching, research and administration in the tertiary education sector, including extensive work on Faculty and University committees.

Jane Forward
Parent Representative

Email Jane

I have come and gone from the North Perth community for over 25 years.  Over that time, I have seen a number of changes in demographics, urban expansion, housing infill and an abundance of coffee shops! However, what hasn’t change is the strong sense of identify and belonging that comes with living in this community.

I have been a North Perth Primary School parent since 2009 and joined the School Board, in 2015.  Over the years the school continues to grow, and instill itself as an iconic landmark in the heart of our community.  The ability to attend a local primary school offering a high standard of educational pursuit is one which we are grateful for. Each of our three children has taken something different from their experience at NPPS, but all of them have developed an interest in learning.

I am a Management Consultant assisting not for profits to deliver better support services. I bring to the board, a strategic perspective that is not affair to challenge the status quo and ask if we are doing the best that we can and if so how do we know this?

Brad Girando
Parent Representative

Email Brad

My first exposure to the North Perth community arose from living here for a short period of time in the early 2000’s – its vibrancy, location and sense of community left a lasting impression that influenced my family’s decision to move back here in 2013, when my eldest daughter, Ella, joined the school community. Ella and her sister Pia continue to enjoy all that NPPS has to offer.

I joined the School Board in early 2016.  I have enjoyed contributing to the various activities and responsibilities of the School Board, including assisting with the transition to Independent Public School (IPS) and the related drafting of the School’s Business Plan.

I am a finance professional in the mining industry, which hopefully allows me to bring certain business and private sector insights to the School Board.

Lisa Montgomery
Community Representative

As a community representative, I look forward to making a meaningful contribution to the school’s strategic direction, performance and governance, and complementing other members’ skills to create a well-rounded Board.

I’ve lived in North Perth for approximately 15 years and have run a consulting business in the area during that time.  With my husband, I have also been involved with local retail businesses in Leederville.  Our daughter Audrey attends North Perth Primary School.

I am a strategic and creative thinker, always looking for ways to enhance and improve ‘business as usual.’  I have extensive experience in community engagement, stakeholder management, destination development and communications and have worked both as a private consultant running my own business, and at executive level in state government across sectors including tourism, retail, urban regeneration, planning and place making.

Andrew Streeton
Staff Representative

Email Andrew

I am the Deputy Principal at North Perth Primary School and have been on staff since 2008. I have been a member of the School Board since 2015. One of the key areas of my leadership is developing an effective teaching culture at North Primary School. I believe that effective teachers have the greatest influence on student achievement.

I look forward to working with my colleagues on the School Board to continually improve this dynamic and growing school, ensuring that North Perth Primary School continues to meet the needs of its students, parents and staff.

Sharon Downsborough
Staff Representative

Email Sharon

As an experienced teacher, and a respectful and honest person, I am pleased to represent the voice of our school staff on School Board.

As a child growing up on a farm in the Great Eastern Wheatbelt I carved many a cubby and classroom from the bushland surrounding our home. When I was finally tall enough to drive I quickly saw just how much more bushland was out there and I immediately decided to expand my real estate portfolio – right through to the back paddock. Hours, days and months were spent creating new towns throughout the bush, rocks and caves. My best days were then spent in the mini-moke driving my ‘school bus’ around the farm picking up and delivering my imaginary students to and from my imaginary schools. Clearly I wasn’t paying the fuel bill!

What began as the fanciful ambition of a little girl who was encouraged to stand tall and proud, to be resilient, to persevere, and who believed that she was capable of achieving anything she set her mind to, has eventuated into a most fulfilling and rewarding career – even better than I ever imagined it could be…

Now I aspire to light that same spark in our children; I want them to know that they too should dream big because anything is possible … when you put your mind to it.

Karen Lockyer
Staff Representative

Email Karen

I have been employed by the Department of Education for 33 years across Western Australia in a range of schools, a regional office and central office in diverse educational roles including teacher, Education Officer, School Development Officer, Deputy Principal and Principal.

Some of my most memorable roles include: regional coordination of a Commonwealth program to address disadvantage; management of the building of a new school; promoting teaching and the Department as an employer at career expos and universities; conducting training for school leaders; and supporting schools to develop targeted intervention programs.

I have been the Principal of North Perth Primary School since 2012 and being a local resident and former parent of the school strengthens my connection and commitment to the school.

The School Board is a focused and collaborative group representing parents, staff and the community. Their experiences and skills have proved invaluable developing the school Vision, Mission and Values, reviewing policies and providing advice to strengthen our great school.

Paul McFarland
Staff Representative

Email Paul


If you’d like to contact the Council directly, please email the Chair, Anna Taylor, at

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